Jürgen Hendrich B.Sc. (Hons) (Geology), PDM
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Mr Hendrich was appointed Chief Executive Officer of MEO in June 2008 and Managing Director in July 2008.

Mr Hendrich brings a balance of oil and gas industry and equity market experience to MEO. He began his career as a Petroleum Geologist with Esso Australia Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of ExxonMobil). In a career spanning nearly 12 years, he held a variety of roles including well site operations, strategic planning, joint venture relations and new field development.

Mr Hendrich left Esso to join JB Were & Son and established a reputation as a leading oil and gas analyst. After four years he took on a role as Portfolio Manager for a boutique fund manager before starting a consulting business specialising in advising resources companies. In 2005 he joined the broking firm Tolhurst Limited initally as Head of Resources Research and subsequently Director of Corporate Finance where he developed a client relationship with MEO.